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Sol Aber

San Jose YMCA
Inducted as Player in 1993


By Geoff Capell

Sol started playing handball with the "Pinkie" before high school in the Bronx in the shadows of old Yankee Stadium.  Every Sunday a group of players played Sweepstakes which was an all day affair costing a dollar, winner take all.  Sol won between forty and sixty dollars a Sunday, more money than his dad made in a week of work during the depression. Sol then attended Dewitt-Clinton High School where he blocked in handball.

He later attended college, where he briefly quit handball to play tennis.  He then graduation and moved to San Jose where he started playing handball seriously.  Four wall was new to the one waller, but he adjusted quickly. Sol, as a right side player, has won several local tournaments and is a national grand master for winning more than ten national tournaments.  Sol most enjoyed The Bay Counties League playing against our arch rival The Olympic Club.  It was always a natural rivalry the North against the South, and he loved playing against Olympic Club greats such as Dan Marble, Bob Brady, and Gene McAteer. Sol is best know for his strong right side play and protecting the right ally.

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