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Morton (Marty) Goffstein

San Jose YMCA
Inducted as Player in 1985


By Geoff Capell

Marty's main success in handball comes from his "Tuff minded" attitude towards the game.  He believes in playing hard, controlling the game, being aggressive, take no prisoners, never take a step backwards, and don't be afraid to take a chance.  Marty never worries about wins or losses; they can eat you up inside.  He believes in playing your game to the best of your knowledge and abilities and the wins will fall into place.  Marty is one of the most knowledgeable players to ever play the game.  When I get in discussions with him about strategies, shots and angles, he always loses me.


Along with Marty's four national titles, one of which was singles, he has the overall handball game.  He knows how to play the total game of handball.  Most good players have one or two real strengths that push them to the top, but Marry has them all.  He is a real student of the game and has the skills to implement what he knows.

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