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Mike Dunne Sr.

The Olympic Club
Inducted as a Player in 1996


by Geoff Capell

Mike Dunne started playing handball at the age of thirty-four, rather late for handball, but because of his extensive athletic background, made an immediate impact on the game. He learned from the old time Olympians greats like Brady, McGuire, De La Pena, Keays and Capell. He is arguable one of the greatest right side players to ever play the game. His legendary shoulder high side arm kill off the right side wall is devastating to his opponents. His toughness, discipline, strength, reactions, quickness, talent and hard work is the key to his successes.  

Mike has won almost every local tournament at least once and has won over ten national masters championships placing him in the United States Handball Association grand master’s division of the Hall-Of-Fame.

Congratulations on your induction into the Northern California Handball Hall of Fame!

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