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Martin Judnich

South End Rowing Club
Inducted as Contributor in 1983


From the Olympian Magazine, 1967 Martin W Judnich--USHA Commissioner for Northern California Handball.


Marty has been handball commissioner in Northern California for the United States Handball Association since 1960.  He was born in San Francisco and attended local schools.  Since 1932 he has worked for the city and county of San Francisco, presently as a chief accountant in the controller's office.  He is in charge of the controller's general audit division.  In 1945 he joined The Olympic Club as an athletic member and has represented the club many times in local as well as in national competition.  He is also a life member of the South End Rowing Club. 


A dedicated worker, Marty has given freely of his time and talent in promoting the cause of handball here in Northern California through the years.

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