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Larry Aguiar

Chabot College
Inducted as a Player in 2002


by Chico Aguiar edited by Geoff Capell

Larry was intruduced to handball as a student in 1970 at Chabot College. He played to stay in shape in the off season for football. Larry was an outstanding football player, receiving the Player of the Year Award in the Golden Gate Conference. Larry’s most important moments in handball is his games and matches with his local friends and players.

Larry's achievements include first place titles at the National YMCA and USHA tournaments in singles and doubles as well as an array of local, regional, and state tournaments. Larry is not just a great handball player, but after graduating with a Masters Degree in Kinesiology from Sandford University he became a college professor, and is still teaching handball.

Congratulations on your induction into the Northern California Handball Hall of Fame!

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