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Kevan Delgrande

San Jose YMCA

Inducted as a Player in 1998


by Geoff Capell

Kevan started playing handball at the age of nine on large Irish type courts down under at the Christian Brothers Catholic School in Sidney, Australia. He came to the United States at age twenty-one and settled in Hollywood playing at the Hollywood YMCA. He then moved to the bay area played at the San francisco YMCA before locating in San Jose playing at the San Jose YMCA.

Kevan has a unique handball style completely disregarding the rear wall cutting everything off to the dismay of his opponents. Finally at the age of fifty he decided to enter his first national tournament and the rest is history. He has won over ten national championships in singles and doubles being inducted into the United States Handball Association Hall of Fame as a grand master. Kevan is most known for his tremendous court coverage, quickness, and speed.

Congratulations on your induction into the Northern California Handball Hall Of Fame.

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