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Jerry Fagundes

Club Sport, Pleasanton
Inducted as a Player in 2000


by Rick Christian, edited by Geoff Capell

It has been my pleasure to watch Jerry play handball over the past decade and longer. Jerry’s unique style and ability have delighted players and friends nationally. A quick, close look at how he does it is called for. First and foremost, nobody has the footwork strength Jerry has. One look at his trunk-like solid legs proves that. Secondly, and I am proud to share this ideal with him-- is that he absolutely refuses to play defense. As he says, "boys, the game is down there, not up there." Jerry plays offense from angles none of us can imagine. He will consistently have his opponents on their heels, back pedaling to pick up his constant offensive pressure. Hence, the birth of the thirty-minute match. And last, that damn backhand, whether overhead or down by his socks. We all watch in amazement, and we all ask the same question: how in the h.. does he do that?

Jerry has had an outstanding local and national record in singles. Along with winning almost every singles tournament in our region, he also won the open division of the regional singles, and was national runner-up in the masters division twice.

Congratulations on your induction to the Northern California Handball Hall of Fame!

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