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Jerry Cooke

Carmichael Athletic Club
Inducted as a Contributor in 1986


By Pete Garri, edited by Geoff Capell

Jerry was introduced to the game of handball in 1961 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but did not start playing serious handball  until he moved to the Sacramento area one year later.  His first tournament was The Fresno Open, and in those days there was only the open division and a few masters categories.  He drew the number one seed.  After that match he returned to Sacramento determined to become as good as he could be.  He eventually became a top notch doubles player dominating Northern California doubles handball for several years.  Jerry is best known for his almost ungettable big hooks on the serve with his right as well as left hand.

Jerry, like most contributors, wanted to do more for the sport of handball.  He became a true ambassador for the game hosting many Sacramento area tournaments.  He was the first to offer A, B, and C class divisions.  This opened the door for other players that were not open players.  He was also one of the first to actively promoted women's handball.


Congratulations on your induction into the Northern California Handball Hall of Fame.

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