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Jack Tone

West Lane Racquet Club
Inducted as a Contributor in 1984


By Geoff Capell

Jack Tone has been a strong supporter of Northern California handball in the Sacramento-Stockton area for many years.  He is famous for the Jack Tone Road named after his farming family that  extends many miles through Stockton, his healing hands that have drawn much pain out of many handball players, and his potent healing grape juice.  What he is most famous for is the establishing the Jack Tone Handball Tournament that has truly an original format.


The JackTone Handball Tournament, which was established in 1974, is an age group tournament that to qualify for one must be at least 60 years old.  The 60's are Colts,  the 65's are Stallions, the 70's are mature Stallions, and the 80's are Super Diamonds.  This tournament is truly unique, a very competitive tournament, and a family affair.  The Bar "B" "Q" and the horse show are one of the spectacular features of the tournament.  This is one of the most famous and popular tournaments of the year in Northern California and if one takes care of themselves might qualify for the Colts Division.

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