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Frank Zuniga

Fresno Handball Club
Inducted as a Contributor in 1988


By Lou Cartegena, edited by Geoff Capell

It all started back in 1961, Frank, in those days, was actively involved in softball, bowling, and suprisingly--motorcycles.  He owned a Harley-Davidson chopper and garnered several trophies while riding with the Fresno Motorcycle Club.  As fate would have it, he was introduced to handball at the Fresno YMCA and guess what??? Yes, all three activities were dropped--handball had claimed another victim.  Sound familiar?  Frank being the sort of person he is immediately became involved in promoting handball.  He entered a tournament in Los Angeles, and acting upon suggestions from the L.A. players, Frank and a couple of other Fresnans decided to have a tournament in Fresno, where the North could meet the South.  The tournament endured as the Fresno Open and eventually turned into the California State Championships with twelve courts and over 250 players.

The Fresno Handball Club like the Fresno Open tournaments has prospered.  Through out the years the club has grown from ten to one hundred and ten members.  The one strong thread of the community of the club has always been Frank Zuniga.  He is also the coordinating link between our club and other clubs throughout the United States. Frank, not only is an outstanding handball player, but he runs and organizes most of the tournaments in the Fresno area.  Frank is Mr. Handball in Fresno and Fresno has put them selves on the map because of him.

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