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Frank Spiller

Central YMCA (San Francisco)
Inducted as a Player in 1990


By Joe McDonald

Frank Spiller learned to play handball in the Navy during World War II.  After the war, he settled in San Francisco and started playing at the Central YMCA.  He quickly rose and soon was the number one player at the Central YMCA.  He held this honor for five years from 1950-1955.  That streak was a record for the time.

In 1953-1954 Frank won the regional singles championship-the premier handball tournament of that day.


One of Frank's biggest thrills was playing doubles right side with his long time partner and hall of fame member Dan Marble.  That successful pairing saw them win many regional tournaments in their era.


Rudy Stadlberger was just beginning the sport at that time and stated that Frank was a great champion and had some of the biggest "hops" of any player he had ever played against.


Frank played handball at the Central YMCA and then at the South End Rowing Club in the 70's and 80's.  He was always the first to help younger players learn the game-especially how to "hop" the ball.

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