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david thoreson

Johnson Ranch Racquet Club Granite Bay
Inducted as a Contributor in 2017

2003 Sacramento Magazine I'm beating people who 20 years ago would have danced on me...
West Point Class of 1954 Graduation
1980 Chief of Staff 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized)

David Thoreson

Sacramento Elks Lodge #6 & Capital Athletic Club
Inducted as a Contributor in 2017


. Started playing handball while attending West Point - 1951 to 1954
. Played on and off locally during 26 years of active military service
. Continued playing the first 14 of 20 years in financial planning
. Began tournament play and support activities after moving to Sacramento, CA

in 1994

Personal results in tournaments have been modest. Did well in local
tournaments throughout California. However, in the USHA Nationals and
Masters - many more salad plates than dinner plates (finalist vs. champion)
were earned. (Editor's Note: Dave won a USHA National 70's Doubles title in 2002
when he partnered with Tom McKnight to win over Ron Emberg/Bill Strawn

Support activities have been varied and satisfying. They include:

. Estalished the Semper Fi Trust to suppport the Marine Corps National
Tournament in San Diego. After finding that the co-director, Ray Leidich and
Frank Riney were going out of pocket to avoid increasing entry fees, we covered
that shortfall by placing tax free donations into some well managed mutual
funds using the USHA non-profit umbrella.

. Co-directed the Sac Open with Ron Domingos for 10 years. We were able to
expand the event from 50 to 150 players plus a standby list by exploiting
two features: non-profit and family orientation. We returned all fees
collected back to the players, in the form of hospitality and awards.
Families were encouraged to attend since the Elks site had a large inviting
area for hospiatlity with plenty of safe space for children and other guests
to play outdoor sports. Hospitality was served continuously throughout the
tournament and the play schedule was maintained without significant delays.

. Directed the handball portion of the 2003 Pan Pacific Masters Games.

. President of Sacramento Area Handball Association (SAHA) for 5-6 years.

. Coordinated the SAHA handball league for about 5 years.

. USHA distributor of handball equipment form 1995 to date

. Maintained SAHA email information site from 1995 to date

. Any tournament play always volunteered to referee plenty of games (during
each of the Nationals called about 18 Semi's and Finals).

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