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Craig Work

Inducted as a Player in 1999


by Geoff Capell

When slumped in his chair at work from a heart attack, Craig decided he had to do something else and took up handball. It saved his life. At forty two years of age, he was reborn and joined the Cambridge YMCA. He eventually had to travel five hours for good games and of course played all day long. Eight years later in 1981, he entered his first national tournament and won the fifty singles.

Craig moved to Oakland in 1983 and played handball at Berkeley. Thus far, he has won four national titles, three in singles and one in doubles and at some time has won almost every local tournament. He considers himself a strong singles player, but enjoys doubles better. Craig feels his strengths in handball are his motivation, the ability to play when tired, and the courage to dig deeper than his opponents.

Congratulations on your induction into the Northern California Handball Hall of Fame!

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