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chris tico

Olympic Club 
Inducted as a Player in 2023


Submitted by: Tom Fitzwater & Chris Tico:


Chris Tico biography of achievements:
1 Collegiate National Team title - Lake Forest College, 1988 (Palatine, IL).
8 United States National Masters Singles titles:
35+ 3x - Cincinnati 2005, Baltimore 2006, Houston 2008
40+ 2x - Denver 2017, Tucson 2023
45+ 1x - Anchorage 2015
50+ 2x - Tucson 2019, Nashville 2021
1 California State Championship Open title 
(Anton Wilson, in Fresno, 2001)
Top 10 pro; ranked pro for about 15 years (1996-2010)
Tournament singles wins against many pros including. ..
Jamie Paredes & Bob Adrowski in Chicago to pro-qualify for the first time (1996)
John Bike (pro-qualifier in Austin)
Richard Lopez (Santa Rosa)
Dave Fink (Portland)
Matt Hiber (Olympic Club)
Naty Alvarado Jr (SoCal tourney)
Sean Lenning (Dallas)
Emmett Peixoto (Minneapolis)
Anton Wilson (2002 Seattle Pro Stop)
Tommy Little (Milwaukee Open)
David Silveyria (Olympic Club pro-qualifier)
Pete Crouser (Kansas City pro-qualifier 2002)
Dane Szatkowski (Kansa City pro-qualifier 2002)
Stephen Cooney (Olympic Club 2017)
Ranked NorCal #1 by NCHA "The Scoop" April 1996 (by Rich Dunne & Bernie Samet) 
Multiple NorCal Open Singles and Doubles titles..
Golden Gate Park (with Dean Crispen).
Olympic Club Hall of Fame 2x with Allie Abdulla
2001: (Rich & Mike Dunne semis; Dave Wyrsch and Mike McDonald finals)
+ 2004.
2005 HoF with Emmett Peixiti beat Dave Wyrsch and Lennart De La Torre.
South End with Ricardo Diaz.
San Mateo Elks with Dave Wyrsch.
San Mateo Elks with Mike McDonald.
Gilroy 3wall with James Kohmstoeft 2001 (vs Norm Dunne & Bob Winter in Finals)
Parkpoint with Danny Solorio.
Sacramento with Mike McDonald
Olympic Club Ringer Doubles with Gary Beaver
7 Olympic Club Open Doubles Championships with 3 different partners (Emmett Peixoto, Mike McDonald, Dean Crispen)
2002 with Mike
2003 with Dean (21-20 tie-breaker vs Emmett & Mike McDonald)
2005 with Emmett Peixoto
2014-2017 with Emmett Peixoto (21-20 tie-breaker vs Erik Torres and Deanin 2017).
Olympic Club 1996
Pleasanton Super Bowl - 2x, including 1996 - Anton Wilson.
Modesto 2002 (Andy Schad & Allie Abdulla)
Santa Rosa 2001 (Allie Abdulla)
Other non NorCal...
Seattle Washington Athletic Club doubles championship (with/mostly Emmett Peixoto) vs Sean Lenning/Marcos Chavez reigning USHA National open (pro) doubles winners.
Milwaukee Open Singles 1999 and 2001
2001 Palm Desert
Kauai Open Singles (1) and Doubles 1-2x? with Mike McDonald.
New Orleans pro stop- open doubles with Emmett vs Allan Garner & Lance Wacholtz in final.
Atlanta pro stop -open doubles with Emmett vs Sean Lenning & Lance Wacholtz in final.
2022 Spokane Lilac - Open Singles (53yrs old; 4 rounds)

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