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Bob McGuire

The Olympic Club
Inducted as a Player in 1984


By Jay Capell

Bob McGuire learned his craft at the famous Golden Gate Park courts,  He was a tremendous physical specimen, and was one of the first true "power players" in the game.  He had two great hands, and was at ease playing either the right or left side.  His Irish underhand style was lethal.  With the same motion, he could kill, pass, or hit defensive ceiling shots, and because of this, it was nearly impossible to anticipate what his next shot would be.  He possessed a devastating backwall, and was a great right side partner for Jeff Capell.  Their reputation as teenage stars was known nationally. They played together for many years, and reached the Open Doubles finals twice.  He later partnered with the legendary Bob Brady in the Masters Division.  Bob was a true gentleman and great sportsman, and passed along these traits to those of us who followed him.

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